This is the Second Season of Young Justice, titled "Invasion". It will Feature the Team facing a threat from Space. Other Heroes and Villians will appear, and set five years after the first season.



  • The Team:
    • Nightwing (Voiced by - Jesse McCartney)
    • Superboy (Voiced by - Nolan North)
      • ​Wolf (Vocals by - Dee Bradley Baker)
    • Miss Martian (Voiced by - Danica McKellar)
    • Wonder Girl (Voiced by - Mae Whitman)
    • Blue Beetle III (Voiced by - Eric Lopez)
    • Lagoon Boy (Voiced by - Yuri Lowenthal)
    • Artemis (Voiced by - Stephanie Lemelin)
    • Robin II (Voiced by - Cameron Bowen)
    • Bumblebee (Voiced by - Masasa Moyo)
    • Mal Duncan (Voiced by - Kevin Michael Richardson) - Becomes the new Guardian
    • Beast Boy (Voiced by - Logan Grove)
    • Impulse (Voiced by - Jason Marsden) - Becomes an official member of the Team
    • Batgirl (Voiced by - Alyson Stoner)
    • Tempest (Voiced by - Yuri Lowenthal)
  • The Justice Leauge:
    • Aquaman (Voiced by - Phil LaMarr)
    • Batman (Voiced by - Bruce Greenwood)
    • The Flash (Voiced by - George Eads)
    • Superman (Voiced by - Nolan North)
    • Martian Manhunter (Voiced by - Kevin Michael Richardson)
    • Green Arrow (Voiced by - Alan Tudyk)
    • Wonder Woman (Voiced by - Maggie Q)
    • Red Tornado (Voiced by - Jeff Bennett)
    • Hal Jordan (Voiced by - Steven Blum)
    • John Stewart (Voiced by - Kevin Michael Richardson)
    • Black Canary (Voiced by - Vannesa Marshall)
    • Captain Marvel (Voiced by - Chad Lowe)
    • Hawkman (Voiced by - James Remar)
    • Hawkwoman (Voiced by - Kari Wahlgren)
    • Captain Atom (Voiced by - Michael T. Weiss)
    • Dr. Fate (Both Voiced by - Nolan North and Kevin Michael Richardson)
    • Plastic Man (Voiced by - Tom Kenny)
    • The Atom (Voiced by - Jason Marsden)
    • Icon (Voiced by - Tony Todd)
    • Black Lightning (Voiced by - Levar Burton)
    • Zatanna (Voiced by - Lacey Chabert)
    • Rocket (Voiced by - Kali "Kittie" Troy)
    • Red Arrow (Voiced by - Crispin Freeman) - Who has a Clone in which turns out to be the Mole
    • Adam Strange (Voiced by - Michael Trucco)
  • Later Members of the League:
    • Guy Gardner (Voiced by - James Arnold Taylor)

Other HeroesEdit

  • Guardian (Voiced by - Crispin Freeman)
  • Kid Flash (Voiced by - Jason Spisak)
  • Manta/Aqualad I (Voiced by - Khary Payton) - working undercover for Nightwing serving with his Father, Black Manta after the Death of Tula
  • Donna Troy/Troia (Voiced by - Grey DeLisle)
  • Arsenal (Voiced by - Crispin Freeman)
  • Kidnapped Teenagers with powers:
    • Tye Longshadow (Voiced by - Gregg Rainwater)
    • Virgil Hawkins/Static (Voiced by - Tyler James Williams)
    • Eduardo Dorado, Jr. (Voiced by - Freddy Rodriguez)
    • Asami Koizumi (Voiced by - Janice Kawaye)


  • The Reach: - the main antagonists of the series
    • Ambassador (Voiced by - Phil LaMaar)
    • Scientist (Voiced by - Masasa Moyo)
    • Black Beetle (Voiced by - Kevin Grevioux)
  • The Light:
    • L-1/Vandal Savage (Voiced by - Miguel Ferrer)
    • L-2/Ra's Al Ghul (Voiced by - Oded Fehr)
    • L-3/Lex Luthor (Voiced by - Mark Rolston)
    • L-4/Queen Bee (Voiced by - Marina Sirtis)
    • L-5/Black Manta (Voiced by - Khary Payton) - Serves as Ocean Master's replacement
    • L-6/The Brain (Voiced by - Corey Burton)
    • L-7/Klarion The Witch Boy (Voiced by - Thom Adcox)
    • Mammoth (Voiced by - John DiMaggio)
    • Shimmer (Voiced by - Jennifer Hale)
    • Devastation (Voiced by - Diane DeLano)
    • Deathstroke (Voiced by - Wentworth Miller/Fred Tatasciore) - the Light's new enforcer

Other VilliansEdit

  • Mongul (Voiced by - Keith David)
  • Despero
  • Clayface (Voiced by - Nolan North)
  • Lobo (Voiced by - David Sobolov)
  • Cheshire (Voiced by - Kelly Hu)
  • Sportsmaster (Voiced by - Nick Chinlund)
  • Toyman (Voiced by - Cameron Bowen)
  • Captain Cold (Voiced by - Alan Tudyk)


  • G. Gordon Godfrey (Voiced by - Tim Curry)
  • Jimmy Olsen (Voiced by - Sam Riegel)
  • Lois Lane (Voiced by - Vanessa Marshall)
  • Catherine Corbert (Voiced by - Stephanie Lemelin)
  • Carol Ferris (Voiced by - Kari Wahlgren)


Episode Number Title for the Episode Plot Dates Title
1 Happy New Year!

Recaps: Auld Acquaintance

January 1: Batman and Robin try to figure out what happened to the 6 Justice League members in the last 16 hours.

January 1 (5 Years Later): The Team has gained new members (consisting of Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Mal Duncan) with Tim Drake as the new Robin (the former Robin having become Nightwing). Some of the original ones have joined the Justice League, including Rocket and Zatanna.

January 3: After the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo attacks the United Nations and reveals the Secretary-General Tseng as a Krolotean in disguise, G. Gordon Godfrey is shown on his television program trying to turn the public against the Justice League.On the Watchtower, Adam Strange reports that aliens have stolen zeta technology from the planet Rann and used it to invade Earth. To make matters worse, Strange also reveals that during the missing 16 hours, the mind-controlled Leaguers attacked Rann's sector of space, making the entire League wanted criminals there. Members of the Team are dispatched to Rann while others are set to deal with the aliens on Earth.

January 4: The Team splits into three squads to destroy the different zeta platforms. Robin, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle stumble upon a massive base occupied by throngs of aliens and liberate the human hostages. Meanwhile, Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Adam Strange arrive on Rann.

January 1-3-4 "Happy New Year" is the common salutation given on New Year, which is where this episode takes place (January 1). Also, the narrative jumps fives years forward, from 2011 to 2016, making it literally a new year in the narrative.
2 Earthlings

Recaps: Image and Happy New Year!

January 4: Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. They are assisted by Alanna and Sardath.

January 5: Alanna learns of Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship, that he cannot age (physically), and that he dumped her. It is revealed that Beast Boy is Garfield Logan and that his mother was killed by Queen Bee. Following a battle, Miss Martian incapacitates a Krolotean and when Superboy questions her she says that she uncovered the truth about what the Justice League did during their missing 16 hours.

January 4–5 "Earthlings" are individuals that hail from Earth—as opposed to the humans that are native to that world. In this episode, it refers to the Zeta Squad (Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy) and Adam Strange, who visit Rann and therefore are earthlings to its inhabitants.
3 Alienated

Recaps: Auld Acquaintance, Earthlings and Downtime

January 5: Bumblebee, Blue Beetle and Bibbo Bibbowski try to detain a Kroletean but it escapes.

January 6: Miss Martian shares what she has learned about the Justice League's attack on Rimbor during the missing 16 hours with Nightwing and several Leaguers. Later, she forcefully probes the mind of a captured Kroletean and uncovers the location of their base. Members of the Team and the League investigate the island but are discovered and a fight ensues, during which the enemy is revealed to be Aqualad, who left the team in anger after Aquagirl died when they were unable to save her, as well as discovering that Black Manta is his father. Aqualad escapes, and a bomb planted by the enemy seemingly obliterates the island and most of the Kroloteans present.

January 7: He reports to Black Manta, who in turn reports to the Light as Ocean-Master's replacement.

January 26: The 6 Leaguers accused of attacking Rimbor, along with Hawkman and Icon, leave Earth with the captured Krolotean to try and resolve the dispute peacefully, bidding a temporary farewell to their proteges in the process.

January 5-6-7-26 One of the meanings of the word "alienated" is to have become hostile or unfriendly where there was previously attachment. This possibly refers to Aqualad, who blamed the Team for the death of Tula, and Aquaman for concealing his parentage, thus becoming alienated from them. It may also refer to the Kroloteans, who were alienated from the Light thanks to its new partner, or Ocean-Master, who was disgraced and alienated from the Light. Finally, it can refer to Miss Martian's wanton use of telepathy, which further alienates her from Superboy. It may also refer to heroes being alienated from the public by Godfrey.
While not a real definition, to alienate someone could also mean the process of turning someone into an alien—something that refers to the Kroloteans abducting Earthlings and replacing them with alien fakes, in effect "turning" them into an alien.
4 Salvage

Recaps: Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Agendas, Coldhearted and Disordered

February 13: Nightwing, Wally West, Jim Harper, Green Arrow and Black Canary reach out to Red Arrow, who has fallen into despair over his failed quest to find the original Roy Harper/Speedy. Superboy, Blue Beetle, Wolf, and Super Sphere track Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim and his liuetenant Whisper A'Daire to the Hall of Justice, where the criminals reanimate the four Appellaxians into one Appellaxian Golem. The Appellaxian Golem attacks a nuclear power plant. Blue Beetle finds a way to communicate with the Appellaxian Golem, and learns it just wants to stop feeling pain. In the distance, Sportsmaster makes an example of Bruno and Whisper as his unseen partner destroys the Appellaxian Golem to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

February 14: Wally returns home to Artemis and wishes her a happy Valentines Day. They are attending college and living together. Red Arrow returns home where Cheshire - now his estranged wife - is waiting for him. She had returned to a life of crime due to his obsession with finding the original Speedy. Cheshire reveals to him that they have a daughter, and wants him to end his obsession for their daughter's sake. Cheshire has acquired a lead to the location of the original Speedy.

February 13–14 The main focus of the title "Salvage" is to rescue, in this case it applies to Red Arrow's soul. He turns this around and asks his 'rescuers' to save Aqualad's soul instead. Later, Cheshire also steps in to help him get his act together. The other application of the title pertains to an alternative definition for salvage, in which something useful or valuable is extracted from items thrown away. This refers to Bruno Mannheim's re-use of the Appellaxian husks to create the Golem to act as Intergang's enforcer. A third definition of salvage, used in the Philippines as slang for extrajudicial killing, could pertain to the Partner's summary execution of the Appelaxian Golem.
5 Beneath

Recaps: Image, Terrors and Salvage

February 18: Blue Beetle tries to intercept his friend Tye before he boards a bus, but the boy is abducted before Jaime can reach him.

February 19: A visit to Tye's house leads Jaime to believe that his mother's boyfriend is responsible for his disappearance. Meanwhile, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian and Bumblebee are en route to Bialya.

February 20: The girls arrive in Bialya and learn that Psimon is active again. They discover a shipment of runaways who are being transported by plane which is guarded by Psimon, Icicle Jr., Mammoth, Shimmer, and Devastation. Elsewhere, Reyes investigates Tye's mother's boyfriend and determines that he had nothing to do with Tye's disappearance. Miss Martian takes down Shimmer and learns that the runaways are being sent to an "unknown partner". Alpha Team rescue the abducted teens but Queen Bee is content, since a second shipment, which includes Tye, has already been acquired.

February 18-19-20 The title mainly refers to the large temple that Alpha Squad finds beneath the base that they investigate. In addition, throughout the episode, Blue Beetle must hide his armor beneath his clothing. Also, one of the meanings of "beneath" is to be inferior in position, which could refer to the higher role that Tye's father held over Maurice, or the disregard the Scarab has for human life.
6 Bloodlines

Recaps: Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Coldhearted and Salvage

February 28: A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current Flash/Barry Allen. The boy, Bart Allen/Impulse, soon gatecrashes the Garricks' wedding anniversary party and reveals his identity. Kid Flash/Wally West arrives soon after. The party is interrupted when they all learn that a villain called Neutron is on a rampage, and the Flash, Kid Flash, and Impulse head off to stop him. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire travel to a League of Shadows base in Tibet where they finally find the original Roy Harper. In Central City, the Flashes defeat Neutron, and Impulse secretly administers a cure to Neutron's uncontrollable power. Later, Impulse also pretends to discover that he is stranded in the present day.

February 28 (Forty Years Later): Through a nonlinear narrative, it is discovered that before Impulse embarks on his voyage to the present day, he bids farewell to Neutron, fully aware that the time travel is going to be a one-way trip. After he departs (and the events of the episode take place), Neutron reverts to normal but is horrified to discover that the post-apocalyptic future around him remains unchanged.

February 28 One definition for the term "Bloodline" is used to describe a family connected by blood. This applies to Bart meeting his grandfather and grandmother from the past. Also, it may refer to Red Arrow finding Roy Harper, whom he was cloned from. Another definition for the term "bloodline" would be the predecessor of a person. In this case, it refers to the long line of speedsters: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen.
7 Depths

Recaps: Alienated, Usual Suspects, Insecurity, Infiltrator and Homefront

March 19: At Nightwing's request, Artemis rejoins the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of Carol Ferris's communications satellites. The satellite is meant to strengthen relations between Earth and Mars, but Black Manta has sent Aqualad and his men to destroy it. Upon confronting the villains, Lagoon Boy is captured while Nightwing and Artemis deal with the ground assault. They soon find themselves up against Aqualad, who fails to destroy the rocket but kills Artemis. The rocket explodes anyway, and the heroes are unable to save their fallen friend.

March 20: Aqualad reports to Black Manta, who reveals that he had planted the bomb that destroyed the rocket in order to test whether his son would take credit for the victory or not. At Mount Justice, the Team mourn the death of their friend. On the waterfront of Bludhaven, Nightwing and Wally meet in secret with Aqualad and Artemis. Aqualad's defection from the Team and 'killing' of Artemis was part of a ruse to ensure that the pair could could go undercover to learn more about the Light and their Partner.Artemis is given an amulet (which Zatanna had made) that will disguise her looks to everyone except Nightwing, Aqualad and Wally, and she and Aqualad leave together.

March 19–20 The title may refer to the depths beneath the sea, where Kaldur'ahm launched his attack on the com-sat. It may also refer to Kaldur'ahm's deep cover mission to infiltrate the Light. Finally, it may also refer to the depths of which Nightwing sunk into to ensure a successful infiltration—by lying to the Team and the League, and faking Artemis's death through the use of a heartbeat-stopping pill and a strategically-placed blood squib.
8 Satisfaction

Recaps: Depths, Independence Day, Welcome to Happy Harbor, Infiltrator, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Salvage and Bloodlines

March 21: After recuperating in the hospital, Roy Harper seeks vengeance against Lex Luthor, who ruined his life the day when he was taken down during a stakeout on LexCorp. His motive causes Green Arrow and Red Arrow to try to head to Metropolis before he accomplishes his goals. In exchange for his life, Luthor gives Roy a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. Green Arrow and Red Arrow arrive too late to avert the battle, and are informed by a satisfied Roy that he wants to go by the name Arsenal from now on. Elsewhere, Rocket hosts a bridal shower which is interrupted by Captain Cold. Cheshire swears revenge on Aqualad for killing Artemis while Sportsmaster swears revenge on Black Manta for the exact same purpose. Superboy finds himself with only Wendy Harris for company on his birthday. Impulse befriends Blue Beetle.

March 21 The theme of "satisfaction" was explored primarily in three individuals seeking vengeance during the episode. Cheshire wanted to satisfy her desire to avenge Artemis by taking down Aqualad. Sportsmaster wanted to satisfy his desire to maintain his reputation by confronting Black Manta. And Speedy thought he wanted revenge, but, goaded by Lex Luthor, was actually more satisfied with gaining enough power to prevent himself from being vulnerable again.
9 Darkest

Recaps: Alienated, Depths, Bloodlines and Salvage

March 23: Aqualad, Tigress (a disguised Artemis), Icicle Jr., and the Terror Twins are sent by Black Manta to capture Blue Beetle for the Partner, but they are thwarted due to Impulse's interference. However, Kaldur's tracking device (stolen by Impulse during the fight) remotely deactivates all security at the Cave, and Aqualad's team launches another attack. They capture Beast Boy, Blue Beetle and Impulse and escape, before Aqualad orders Tigress to detonate a bomb (which resembled the same one that blew up Malina Island) which obliterates Mount Justice. Having left Karen Beecher and Ray Palmer at the university lab, Mal Duncan returns just in time to rescue an unconscious Nightwing and Superboy.

March 24: Wally West confronts Nightwing at the Hall of Justice about what happened and reveals his fears that Aqualad might be a triple agent. Elsewhere, Black Manta inducts Kaldur into the Light as a reward for his success as Ra's al Ghul states that it is time that he met their Partner.

March 23–24 The title of this and the following episode is taken from the saying "It's always darkest before the dawn", or other variations. Metaphorically speaking, two "dark" things occur: the abduction of Impulse, Blue Beetle and Beast Boy, and the destruction of Mount Justice. Also, these events take place during nighttime.
10 Before the Dawn

Recaps: Bloodlines, Alienated, Salvage, Beneath, Darkest and Depths

March 30: Nightwing leads the Team on a mission to rescue its members from The Light's Partner: an alien race known as The Reach. Aqualad, now affiliated with the Light, learns that teenagers have been abducted in order to test a human's ability to develop meta-human powers; he deduces that The Reach are trying to weaponize these powers and the aliens do not reject his claim. While in containment, Blue Beetle overhears his captors' intentions to remove his scarab at the cost of his life. Impulse eventually frees Blue Beetle, revealing that in the future, a Blue Beetle has taken over the Earth and enslaved mankind. Miss Martian encounters Aqualad for the first time since Artemis' death, and in a rage, telepathically attacks him, leading her to discover the truth about Aqualad and Artemis as double agents. This leaves her in shock, and Aqualad in an apparently catatonic state. The Team battles face-to-face with an agent of the Reach called Black Beetle, who savagely beats them until Blue Beetle intervenes. Once everyone has been rescued, the Team make their retreat.

March 31: The Reach has reached out to the United Nations and is embraced by the public, to the irritation of Nightwing and the Justice League. Elsewhere, a large fleet of ships belonging to The Reach lie in wait on the ocean floor.

March 30–31 This title is a follow up to the title of the previous episode, and together they refer to the saying "It's always darkest before the dawn", or other variations. It may refer to the fact that, by dawn, the abducted heroes and civilians have been rescued by the Team, thus making up for the grim events of the past episode. Also, the Reach makes a public introduction at dawn, which ironically contrasts with the message of hope derived from the aforementioned proverb, whereas in actuality it signals a prelude for dark times ahead.
The title can also refer to the revelations in the episode. Many things hitherto shrouded in mystery, such as the identity of the Partner and their agent, Kaldur's mission, the true source of Blue Beetle's Scarab, and Miss Martian's predilection towards lobotomizing, now stand revealed before the light of day. Finally, the actions taken by the Team before day had broken have forced the Reach to reveal themselves to the people of Earth, and take control of the narrative before the Justice League could paint it as an invasion.
11 Cornered

Recaps: Before the Dawn, Bloodlines, Salvage, Independence Day and Beneath

April 1: Despero sets his sights on Earth's champions, attacking the Hall of Justice while the members of the Team who used to live at the Cave are at the Hall to remove their belongings. Mal becomes the new Guardian to help in the battle. Elsewhere, Captain Atom attends a private meeting with the Reach ambassador and Black Canary interviews the Team members and teenagers abducted by the Reach with some of the teenagers consisting of Tye Longshadow and Virgil Hawkins.

April 2: The Reach ambassador uses his technology to remove the dome Despero had created around the Hall, but exposes the existence of the Watchtower to the public which G. Gordon Godfrey uses as ammunition against the Justice League on his show. M'gann decides to take up residence at J'onn's apartment, where Conner confronts her about her strange behaviour during the battle. Meanwhile, Black Canary shares her deductions about the Reach with her teammates. Against the wishes of Impulse and the Scarab, Jaime informs the League about his role in the Reach Apocalypse of Bart's time and asks that they find a way to get the Scarab off him.

April 1–2 The title can refer to several characters being "cornered", i.e. trapped in various forms, by others. Despero "corners" the Team in the Hall of Justice with a force field placed around it, and in the end the Team turns the tables on Despero and corners him in the underground of the Hall. Figuratively speaking, the Ambassador corners Captain Atom in a brawl of accusations by casually, albeit deliberately, slipping the Justice League's secrets and thus undermining their credibility. Finally, it can also refer to Black Canary ascertaining that the dormant Meta-Gene within some humans becomes active when the individual is "cornered" through exposure to extreme trauma.
12 Truth Colors

Recaps: Cornered, Before the Dawn, Usual Suspects, Satisfaction, Auld Acquaintance and Bloodlines

April 7: Bumblebee and the Atom try to remove the Scarab from Jaime's back but find that its defenses are too strong.

April 8: Robin, Blue Beetle, Impulse and Arsenal are sent undercover to investigate LexCorp's new partnership with the Reach, crop additives being tested in Smallville.

April 9: Sportsmaster requests payback against Black Manta for what happened to Artemis, only to find that the Light expected him to be disgruntled and replaced him with Deathstroke. He flees, and later Vandal Savage calls in Psimon to try and salvage Kaldur's mind for Manta. At the LexCorp lab, the Team procure a sample of the Reach's work, but Arsenal blows their cover and they end up fighting Black Beetle. They are saved by the Green Beetle, a Martian who chanced upon a Scarab like Jaime did and now wants to help stop the Reach. Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage meet to discuss the break-in and that the team did not discover the true purpose of the lab which involves some Reach chemicals entering the food and drink supply. Luthor suggests that they put together their own team of young enforcers.

April 7-8-9 The title derives from the idiom "showing somebody or something's true colors", in which "true colors" refer to someone or something's true nature or character. This can refer to the Team's investigation into the alliance forged between LexCorp and the Reach, in order to ascertain what really transpires there. Also, Sportsmaster's lust for revenge is shown not to be out of grief, but pride and egotism. It can also be referring to Psimon psychically sifting through a catatonic Aqualad's mind, and thus possibly stumbling upon his genuine motive for allying himself with the Light. Also, it may allude to the appearance of a new chromatic Beetle whose "true colors" subvert initial expectations of his allegiance. Finally, it can also refer to Black Beetle's true appearance behind his suit, which is seen briefly.
13 Fix

Recaps: Earthlings, Downtime, Alienated, Depths, Image, Darkest, Before the Dawn, Cornered and True Colors

April 9: Tigress intervenes before Psimon can enter Kaldur's mind and discover their secret; she drugs him, but he discovers her true identity before passing out. She persuades Black Manta that she ought to kidnap Miss Martian in order to force her to fix the damage she has done, and Manta sends Deathstroke to accompany her. Meanwhile M'gann determines that the Green Beetle is an ally, and he states that the energy drink created by the Reach contains chemicals that will eventually addict the population and make them incapable of revolt, as well as a tracer that seeks out the meta-gene. Lagoon Boy privately confronts Miss Martian about her behavior, only for Deathstroke and Tigress to attack the pair and take M'gann hostage. Aboard Black Manta's ship, Miss Martian and Artemis work on fixing Kaldur's damaged mind and, in spite of some resistance, they make progress; M'gann states that the process could take weeks, however. Nightwing reveals the truth about Aqualad and Artemis to Superboy and Lagoon Boy, both of whom are outraged. Elsewhere, Jaime Reyes convinces Green Beetle to modify his Scarab, and is ecstatic when he finds that the Scarab's voice has been silenced.

April 9 The word "fix" has several meanings beside the more obvious, repairing. Two repair processes take place in this episode: Kaldur'ahm's mental restoration, and Blue Beetle's scarab control. "Fix" can also mean "a desperate situation", which aptly describes the risk of Artemis's and Kaldur's true alliance being discovered, as well as Miss Martian's imprisonment and emotional state. A third meaning is a shot of an addictive substance, such as the Reach energy drink.
14 The Runaways

Recaps: Beneath, Bloodlines, Darkest, Before the Dawn, Cornered, True Colors and The Fix

May 13: Four of the super-powered former Reach abductees (consisting of Virgil Hawkins and Tye Longshadow, Asami "Sam" Koizumi, and Eduardo "Ed" Dorado Jr.) escape from the League's Taos base after tiring of being put through endless metagene training exercises. Nightwing sends Blue Beetle to track them down, and Jaime reveals his secret identity to them in order to get them on his side. Meanwhile, the Taos base comes under attack from Red Volcano, who has come to steal the AMAZO body parts. The runaways follow Blue Beetle back to Taos to rescue the endangered civilians, and are unnerved by Jaime's apparent disregard for the lives of those caught in the crossfire. After the fight, they evade Jaime, who is caught up in talking to the press.

May 14: Jaime talks to Green Beetle about the battle only for Black Beetle to appear and reveal that Green Beetle is a double agent who has placed Blue Beetle's Scarab under the Reach's control. Elsewhere, the runaways are confronted by Lex Luthor (who planned Red Volcano's attack and the sudden press arrival) and Mercy. Lex plans to bring the runaways under his wing.

May 13–14 The title refers to the rescued abductees, whose Meta-Genes were activated by the Reach, therefore supplying them with superhuman abilities. The term "runaways" is used because at least two of the abductees, Tye Longshadow and Eduardo Dorado Jr., had run away from their family. The other two were erroneously mistaken for runaways. It can also refer to the fact that the abductees escaped—or were, in effect, running away—from STAR Labs.
15 War

Recaps: Auld Acquaintance, Earthlings, Alienated, True Colors, The Fix and Runaways

April 2: At the Justice League's trial on Rimbor, Vandal Savage manipulates Mongul into taking action against the Reach.

May 23: The Justice League and Nightwing learn that something is fast approaching the Earth. As Green Beetle informs them that it is a weaponized, moon-sized satellite known as the War World which is captained by the former dictator Mongul, the Reach make contact with Mongul to persuade him to turn around - only for him to state that he is there because of them.

May 24: Mal and Karen notice the War World in the sky, while Cat Grant warns citizens of the so-called moon's devastating effect on tides.

May 25: The Reach's ambassador speaks out to calm the public, stating that they will stand by the people of Earth.

May 26: Mongul opens fire on the Earth, but the Justice League intervene and distract him while the Team infiltrates the War World. When it becomes clear that the heroes can't hope to stop all of Mongul's missiles, the Reach sacrifice two-thirds of their fleet to destroy the remaining missiles. Bumblebee manages to re-route the War World's power into Mongul's helmet, and the electrical surge leaves him weak enough for the Team's strongest members to take him down. Karen finally realises that she has been taking Mal for granted and their relationship is reaffirmed, but suddenly the Team faces fresh danger when Blue Beetle turns on them and takes everyone down, except for Arsenal, who escapes. The ambassador takes comfort in the fact that Blue Beetle now has the key to the War World in the palm of his hand.

April 2, May 23-24-25-26 The title refers to the Warworld, the giant satellite that Mongul controls. His threats to Earth could be considered an act of war, which result in the Justice League, the Team, the world's military forces and even the Reach responding. It may also imply that events are now leading to a war with the Reach, given that Blue Beetle has revealed himself to the Team as a Reach operative and taken the key to Warworld.
16 Complications

Recaps: True Colors, Depths, The Fix, Darkest, Before the Dawn, Satisfaction, Homefront, The Runaways and War

May 27: Nightwing arrives on the War World to inquire about the Team's disappearance, and Blue Beetle covers his tracks by insisting that a boom tube opened which sucked in everyone except for himself. Meanwhile, Artemis, M'gann and Aqualad (who has been cured but is playing possum) are stalling for time to try to figure out how to save M'gann's life. They formulate a plan after Black Manta gives M'gann the ultimatum that she has 24 hours left to finish her task, but before they can get very far, Kaldur and M'gann are attacked by Cheshire, who has infiltrated the sub with Sportsmaster. While the latter battles Black Manta, Aqualad tells Cheshire that Artemis is alive, but Jade does not accept the truth until Artemis disables Miss Martian's inhibitor collar so that a full account of what has happened can be disclosed on the psychic plane. Sportsmaster is eventually convinced as well when Tigress demonstrates a move he taught her. The five concoct a plan for Kaldur and Artemis to remain undercover while the others make their escape, and they manage it successfully.

May 28: In Gotham City, Jade decides to inform Paula Crock that Artemis is alive, while on Manta's sub, the villain shares the news that his son is well again with Vandal Savage and the Reach ambassador. Meanwhile, Nightwing looks on in fury as the Reach ambassador publicly praises Blue Beetle as Earth's saviour, his detective work having led him to discover that Jaime had turned on the Team.

May 27–28 Several complications arise, hence the title. The first is M'gann having restored Kaldur's mind but now the two and Artemis having to figure out how to allow M'gann to escape. The second is Sportsmaster and Cheshire raiding the Manta-Sub and the others having to deal with their presence. The third is Nightwing deducing that Blue Beetle had become an agent of the Reach and was responsible for the Team's disappearance from the Warworld, but now needing to figure out how to resolve the situation, given that the Ambassador has since declared to the world that Blue Beetle was responsible for shutting down the Warworld.
17 The Hunt

Recaps: Depths, Earthlings, Alienated, Image, Beneath, Before the Dawn, The Fix, The Runaways, Complications, Satisfaction, Auld Acquaintance, Insecurity, Independence Day, and War

May 27: Black Beetle laments the setbacks that the Reach have suffered, such as the loss of most of their fleet, while on another part of the War World, Arsenal continues to flee from the Reach's forces.

May 29: Lex Luthor encourages the runaways to rescue the Team from the Reach, and provides them with a fatherbox which transports them to the War World. The Reach scientist informs the ambassador of this new development, and he becomes further disgruntled when he appears on G. Gordon Godfrey's show only to be taken to task about his blatant lie concerning the Reach only having the one ship.

May 30: Nightwing and Miss Martian revisit the site of Team's abduction, where they are met by Sphere. Fatherbox directs the runaways to the captive Team members, with Arsenal on their tail as well after catching sight of them. When Black Beetle attacks the runaways, Roy intervenes and manages to free Mongul in the ensuing battle. As Mongul takes on Black Beetle, all of the heroes meet up and make their escape, but not before Deathstroke uses the confusion to snatch the key to the War World. Bumblebee alerts Nightwing to Arsenal's reckless behavior in the confrontation with Blue Beetle, resulting in Nightwing kicking Roy off the Team. The runaways offer him an olive branch and they return to their hideout, where Arsenal learns that they work for Lex Luthor and manages to turn them against him, with the five youths deciding to go rogue.

May 27-29-30 It could refer to the group of misfits, Virgil Hawkins, Tye Longshadow, Eduardo Dorado Jr., and Asami Koizumi, "hunting" down the abducted team members to rescue them from the Reach.
18 Intervention

Recaps: Before the Dawn, Bloodlines, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, The Runaways, Complications, War and The Hunt

May 30: With the help of Green Beetle, Black Beetle is able to defeat Mongul and imprison him again. They discover that the War World key has been stolen, while in Bludhaven, the Team return to base and realise that they need to turn their attention to saving Blue Beetle.
June 13: Blue Beetle boosts the Reach's image by defeating Toyman in Metropolis. On his way home, he is ambushed by Batgirl and Impulse, who act as decoys while Zatanna and Rocket subdue him. Elsewhere, Miss Martian picks Lagoon Boy up from Atlantis, his leg having healed.
June 14: The four heroes take Jaime back to the underground cavern in Bialya where the runaways were stored, and Zatanna sets about casting a spell to free Jaime from the Reach's control. When Green Beetle intervenes, the other Team members who were lying in wait reveal themselves and engage him in combat while the spell is completed. Both Beetles are placed off-mode, and Batgirl and Zatanna explain that the cavern runes had their origin in a human mystic ritual that was the cause of Jaime's Scarab being placed off-mode when it first arrived on Earth. While en route from Atlantis, Miss Martian breaks up with Lagoon Boy, having decided that they aren't right for each other. She later learns that she has missed her chance with Conner, who has gone on a date with Wendy Harris. Meanwhile, in Bialya, Queen Bee reveals to her henchmen that the Light's plans are set to proceed on schedule.

May 30, June 13–14 The main moment of intervention is members of the Team and the Justice League in their quest to free Jaime Reyes and B'arzz O'oomm from the Reach's control of their Scarabs. Also, Green Beetle intervened in the battle between Black Beetle and Mongul on the Warworld. Another intervention took place when Sportsmaster and Deathstroke attacked Ted Kord in their quest to claim the Scarab that was in his possession.
19 Summit

Recaps: The Fix, Before the Dawn, Alienated, Depths, Darkest and The Hunt

June 19: The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. As the tensions between the two groups begin to come to the fore, Ra's al Ghul notices the glamour charm on Tigress's neck and exposes her as Artemis, leading Deathstroke to execute both her and Kaldur. However, a hologram of Aqualad then plays which reveals to the Reach the extent of the Light's manipulations, leaving their alliance in tatters. Aqualad and Artemis suddenly rise, and as 'Deathstroke' turns out to be a disguised Miss Martian, the Team and Kid Flash make their entrance, leading to an all-out battle. In the midst of the chaos, the Reach ambassador and the Brain are captured, while Aqualad defeats Black Manta and Black Beetle mortally wounds Ra's al Ghul. However, Ubu rescues Ra's (pledging that he will be revived), Black Beetle escapes with the Reach Scientist, and Vandal Savage summons to elude the Team. In the aftermath of the battle, Nightwing insists that Aqualad take over leadership of the Team, while Savage ousts the League from the War World and uses it to flee into space. On Earth, the League present the public with proof of the Reach's duplicity, and Black Beetle assumes control of the alien fleet, swearing to destroy the Earth now that it is of no further use to them.

June 19 A "summit" generally refers to a "meeting of chiefs of governments or other high officials", which in this sense refers to the meeting between the Light and the Reach. It can also signify the "highest point of a place", which contrasts with the place where the meeting was being held: in an underground cave. Finally, and figuratively speaking, it can refer to the "climax of an event", alluding to the point where the the Team's long term plan to infiltrate the Light and torpedo their plans finally comes to fruition.
20 Endgame Recaps: Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Earthlings, Alienated, War and Summit

June 20:The council has finally made its decision and declares the Justice League to be guilty. Superboy and Miss Martian show up with new evidence, but are told that it is too late. Aqualad and the Beetles take on Black Beetle upon the Reach ship. He is defeated by Blue's scarab and Jaime warns everyone about a coming endgame, set in motion by Black Beetle. Back on Rimbor, the Council reconvenes and after some persuading, agree to reassess the case, and eventually release the League. Around the world, Reach technology begins to mess with Earth's magnetic field. Every hero in the series is called in and split into teams, each one carrying a device provided by Luthor that will shut down the machines. They succeed, but Jamie discovers a 21st machine in the Arctic. Flash and Impulse arrive to find that it has already gone into chrysalis mode. By using their speed they start to draw off the energy and are joined by Kid Flash. However, his slower speed makes him a target for the energy and as a result he vanishes. The machine is shut down and Flash tells Artemis that Wally said he loved her. The Justice League arrives back on Earth and are greeted by the team, and told of Wally's death.
July 4: The world is finally free of the Reach and they are put on trial for their actions. Lex Luthor is elected Secretary General, much to Superman's dismay. Impulse takes on the mantle of Kid Flash, as per Wally's promise, and Artemis rejoins the team as Tigress. Virgil joins the team as Static, Robin and Wondergirl share a kiss, and Superboy and Miss Martian begin to patch their relationship. Nightwing takes a break from being a hero and the Team are given a new base. They will work out of the Watchtower, side-by-side with the League.
July 5: Vandal Savage meets with Darkseid on Apokolips.

June 20, July 4–5 An "Endgame" is the ending scenario of a particular game; when and how it will end, most prominently used in chess. This could refer to the Reach's plan to destroy Earth.