The leader of the white sheep does not want her daughter to go near the leader of the black sheep's son. This story is inspired by William Shakespeare's story, Romeo and Juliet.


Once upon a time in the kingdom of the white sheep, there’s a Queen Jemila who have a little daughter named Kira and she is very kind with her and she‘s always have to protect her from those other sheeps whole are black sheep. On the other side of the sheep, the kingdom of the black sheep, there’s a King Elwood who have a little son named Jedi and he was the prince of another kingdom of black sheep. Both kinds of sheep don’t like each other because they're different like them and decide to be on the different side where they can’t see each other.

Kira was playing with her playing with her oldest cousin, Sir Elvin and they look at this land that they never see before as they did understood about a serious land where all of the black sheep live. As Sir Gwern is watching Jedi to be safe from the white sheep, he see... The two white sheep in their place so they did to tell to the white sheep to stay away from the hungry wolves. Because they’ll might bite them so Kira and Sir Elvin ran off and Sir Gwern has to trick them. But Jedi asked Sir Gwern, why do they hate the white sheep, Sir Gwern told him that the rulers of the Black Sheep Kingdom have banished the wolves for ruined everything in this kingdom and this other kingdoms. So the teenage sheep said that the crooks whose help Hartun were goats and their names are DeGrati, Borgenus, Raking, Zorbino, Fieldler and Whooves whose are against the royalities, so they will take over the world.

After that, Jedi sneak during the night and then he see Kira and Elvin whose were talking about all the kingdoms, but Sir Gwern came to see him as he fell on Kira and she didn’t realize how charming is Jedi. But King Elwood came and he is not very happy because his son had go near the white sheep who is the daughter of the Queen of White Sheeps, he then see his queen who is not very happy because her daughter is with the black sheep as well. Meanwhile, an half-hour later, DeGrati and his boss Baron Hartun who is very bossy towards him because is plan is to get the Black and White Sheeps apart to use a brick walls as a big so the White Sheep and the Black Sheep can’t see each other again.

That night, Kira and Jedi are walking to see the rulers along with Elvin and Gwern (as they both don’t like each other as first) and they meet Count MacAlpin who is working as a suitor of the White Sheep because Hartun has six minions named DeGrati, Borgenus, Raking, Zorbino, Fieldler and Whooves and they are planning to do a new weapon on those fake mannequin of anthro animals as they are ready to made a real teasting pratice on them as they are going to made a trick on those two colors sheeps. As the baron and his crooks tries to change the sheeps's colors but they have to do their same things of colors and then they can make it into a mix of colors that of his plotting to do.

Later Kira and Jedi has meet in the forest, sharing their relationship. One night, MacAlpin sees them and out of jealousy, orders his henchmen to kill Jedi. When MacAlpin is about to kill Jedi and marry Kira, the wolves appears out of the nowhere, attacking MacAlpin. Queen Jemila blames Jedi for MacAplin's death and King Elwood captures Kira, declaring their war. Meanwhile, DeGrati is unaware that Baron instead manipulates and reveals that he has actually been plotting to seize the throne with the army of wolves by eliminating both white sheeps. Then suddenly one of the Baron's goonies, The Canine Boys and Oogy, has escaped from the royal sheeps family as they will do his plan has foiled again. Baron then rallies his men to battle using this as an excuse to annihilate the tribe and kill the sheeps.

Sir Gwern hijacks the plane and attempts to order to create a powerful robot, intending to get revenge on the white sheeps. He gets the robot and it goes out of control, destroys most of the two gardens, and gets itself stuck while the sheeps wage a full-scale war. Jedi returns to Kira with the help of Squip. However, when he arrives, the robot frees itself, and is about to utterly destroy the tower. Just as the wolves is about to kill the King, the robot goes flying torward the tower. Jedi tries to un-glue Kira, but is unable to, and two share a passionate kiss just as the robot crashes into the fountain, self-destructing in the process, causing Baron falling off the cliff into the jagged rocks to his death and the other wolves run away.

When everyone believes that both are dead, Queen Jemilla and King Elwood decide to end the feud. King Elwood accidentally steps on Jedi's foot, and the sheeps find out that Jedi is alive. Then soon the find Kira right next to him, as Jedi accuses his father of his cruelty. Miraculously, Jedi and Kira emerge from the ruins and the two clans celebrate.

Shortly afterward, the black and white sheeps create a new garden and come together to celebrate their newfound peace. Paris and Nanette are in love, Queen Jemilla and King Elwood became best friends, Zog and Zog is reunited with their girlfriends after Benny finds and orders her online, and Kira and Jedi are married on a carriage, which symbolizes the new union of both sheep clans. Every sheeps lives happily ever after!

The End!


  • Kira - a little white sheep is a daughter of Queen Jemila who does not want her to go near those black sheeps. She is the female protagonist of the film.
  • Jedi - a little black sheep is a son of King Elwood who does not want him to go near those white sheeps. He is the male protagonist of the film.
  • Queen Jemila - a leader of the white sheeps to keep her daughter away from the black sheeps.
  • King Elwood - a leader of the black sheeps to keep his son away from the white sheeps.
  • Sir Elvin - a teenage white sheep is Kira's older cousin and a rival to Jedi.
  • Sir Gwern - a teenage black sheep is Jedi's older cousin.
  • Count MacAlpin - a white sheep who wants to be a sultor to Kira someday. He also attempts to kill Jedi out of jealousy after seeing him and Kira kiss, but is presumably killed by wolves. MacAplin is one of the film's reccuring antagonists.
  • Baron Hartun - a evil and hateful coyote is the one who does administer justice following major events in the feud between the white sheeps and the black sheeps' families. Later, it turns out to be a pawn that planning to kill all sheeps of the kingdom and turn into meat.
  • The Canine Boys - three greedy dogs who works as one of Baron's henchmen.
  • Oogy - a ill-tempered (and somewhat cowardly) wolf who is one of Baron's henchmen.

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  • This is David Ogden Stiers' final role due his death in 2018.
  • Julie Andrews, John Cleese, and Ruper Everett appeared in Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third.
  • Whoopi Goldberg and Jim Cummings appeared in The Lion King.


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