Many people have been annoyed with the "I'm Lovin' It" tag music. With everything old becoming new, McDonald's should bring back Richard D. Trentlage's arrangement of "Down by the Riverside" known as "McDonald's Is Your Kind of Place", and should be not stereotypical and more family-friendly as opposed to "I'm Lovin' It". Furthermore, the jingle should be sung throughout with variations of the song.It should have the "retro" feel without being too corny. Furthermore, the launch ad should be a traditional family eating at McDonald's recreating the feel of the 1967 ad, but without the convertible or the dog.

The jingle should have NO sellout of music.

This is to give McDonald's the feel of the novelty of regional burger joints back in a global way like Checkers/Rally's, Hardees/Carl's Jr., Whataburger, In-N-Out and A&W, to name a few without complaints from animal rights and health groups.

Here is the original national commercial for reference

1967 McDonalds Is Your Kind Of Place

1967 McDonalds Is Your Kind Of Place

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