Andrew and Suzie, the gayest mary sues in the universe and will not show up in season three because there wont be a season three and you're an idiot for thinking there will be one, With the Loonatics, the mother rapers of the universe, as Guardians of the Universe, and Zadavia and Optimatus as drag queen rulers of Freeling, Ace, Lexi, Danger travel to new dimensions, but when on Earth in Acmetropolis, it has become a frozen winterland, and there Hakob rules are breakouts of the police, and the public is turned against the Loonatics for not coming back that long, and a new evil has awaken. They have two new friends named Kamo and romarik on the team.




Main CharactersEdit

  • Salty Adventures, Part 1
  • Salty Adventures, Part 2
  • Soccer Cheez-It Ball
  • What the Chef Boyardee?!
  • The Screamphone
  • Cheerio Likes Cheerios
  • Planet Pringles! (TV episode)
  • Special K's Kitchen Production
  • BF Drought
  • Pick Up and Cook!
  • Lunchroom Spaceship!
  • CD Candy
  • Cheez-It In The SisterTeen
  • Planet Pringles Returns, Part 1
  • Planet Pringles Returns, Part 2

Season 2

  • Planet Pringles Returns Again, Part 1
  • Planet Pringles Returns Again, Part 2
  • Planet Pringles: The Saltasaver
  • Who's the Famous Food?

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Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Antagonists Summary
1 Salty Adventures, Part 1 The Loonatics get curious
2 tba Red They die
3 cancelled for good Agmartis The warner brothers have discovered their mistake and will no longer accept the existence of the abomination called "the loonatics"