While his wife is out for a 6-month vacation, Hosea Vance, Sr. and his son, Hosea Vance, Jr., but when Hosea peed uncontrollibly while drinking diet coke, the police are after them, under orders by the mayor.


July 4, 2013


  • Hosea Vance Sr. (Daniel Craig) - in the end, is asigned to Canada!
  • Hosea Vance Jr. (Joel Courtney) - in the end, sends alot of emails to Virginia
  • Joseph Craig (Jeremy Renner) - one of Hosea's 2 best friends, in the end, is assigned to the Vegas Project!
  • Mason Vice (Jonah Hill) - one of Hosea's 2 best friends, in the end, farts at Cheif Gould!
  • Mayor Alfonso Pryce (Ronny Cox) - the main antagonist, matches the same tone as Vilos Cohagenn from Total Recall, wants Money from Vance, but gets arrested !
  • Chief Graham Gould (Vinnie Jones) - the secondary antagonist, follows the mayor's orders, in the end, gets fired!
  • Captain Kevin Brand (Clive Owen) - in the end, takes over as police chief!
  • Lt. Manule Neuman (David Cross) - in the end, takes a vacation!
  • Sgt. Kirkland Bennett (Tracey Morgan) - in the end, joins Manule!
  • Inspector Henson Jordon (Wayne Knight) - in the end, heads off to Canada to see his parents!
  • Private Janus Reid (Lee Evans) - in the end, leaves for London!