When his father and his partner were out on a trip to Canada, they get nabbed by terrorists, and now, he sends a message to his son, that it's his turn for adventure, and he brings along his 2 best friends, Ken and Corey.




  • Mason LaMarr (Ryan Kelley) - the son of Justin LaMarr, who was lost on Canada, and got a message from him, and he brings along Ken and Corey for the trip, in the end, reunites with his father!
  • Ken Linus (Rupert Grint) - Mason's best friend, he thinks the trip was a bad idea, because he has responsibilities, in the end, calms down!
  • Corey Van Couver (Shawn Ashmore) - Mason's other best friend, he thinks the trip is a good idea, as he aids Mason and Ken, in the end, tells his book club about it!
  • Justin LaMarr (Bruce Willis) - Mason's father, who was lost on Canada for 12 years, and gave a message to Mason to help find him, in the end, reunites with his son and makes it up to him!
  • Erika Magnus (Tracy Spiridakos) - Mason's girlfriend, who lives with him in his apartment, in the end, She was looking into Mason's files.
  • Sebastian Crey (Cillian Murphy) - Justin's partner, they were here for the canadian game, until they got nabbed by terrorists, in the end, sacrifices his life to save Justin!
  • Pryce Pottors (Hugo Weaving) - the main antagonist and leader of the terrorist group, Red Eagle, to have his men lure Sebastian and Justin to a cabin to be interrogated, his goal is to cause the release of experimented reptiles, in the end, gets mutated into a Reptile Creature, and was killed by Ken!
  • Neil Joyce (Kevin J.O'Connor) - the secondary antagonist, and Pryce's right-hand man, he had a member help him lure Sebastian and Justin to a cabin, in the end, gets eaten by Pryce!