After Ben stops a robbery in Arabia, he teams up with 10 thieves, led by Mathias, into finding an ancient weapon known as the The Gauntlant.


April 12, 2013


  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) - brought by a Magic Ring to an Arabian Knight's Book!
  • The 10 Thieves:
    • Mathias (Khary Payton) - the leader, and heir of Jini!
    • Jayden (Cree Summer) - Ben's love interest, who mentions "No Offense, you have one ugly cousin"!
    • Luigi (Jim Meskimen)
    • Julias (Daryl Sabara)
    • Ali the Ruby (Scott Menville)
    • Achmid (Tom Kenny)
    • Sa-Cura (Ali Mauzey)
    • Hakhim (Charlie Schlatter)
    • Golly (Bill Fagerbakke)
    • Gobin (Jeff Bennett)


  • Hakhar (Jonathan Adams) - The evil master of the ten thieves
  • Ja'far (Tim Curry) - Hakhar's sinister pet snake

Aliens usedEdit

  • Blox - used to used to Open the Cave!
  • Diamondhead - used to to reflect Hakhar's spells!
  • Spidermonkey - used to used to Grab the Magic Lamp!
  • NRG - used to used to save Gobin from getting his hand cut off!
  • Heatblast - used to fight off the Roc!
  • Feedback - used to used to handle the Gauntlant!
  • Gravattack - used to Used to trap Hakhar's guards!
  • Stinkfly - used to used to defeat Hakhar!
  • Goop - used to escape the Collapsing Cave!
  • SandShark - used to deal with Scorpions!